MFG Series Info 2022

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September 10, 2022 – MFG #1 StarCrossed at Marymoor (yeah!)

September 25, 2022 – MFG #2 Silver Lake

October 9, 2022 – MFG #3 Ft Steilacoom

October 23, 2022 – MFG #4 Magnuson Park

November 6, 2022 – MFG #5 LeMay / North 40

November 20, 2022 – MFG #6 Woodland Park

November 22, 2022 – MFG Awards Celebration

Registration & Pricing

Register for races and purchase season passes on Webscorer.

Adults (19+)Juniors (3rd grade – high school)Junior (1st & 2nd Grades)Kids (U6)Beginner
Single Race (day-of-race price)$45$25$15Free$25
Single Race (pre-registration price)$40$20$10Free$20
Second Race$20$20NAFree$20
Series Registration (6 MFG races)$216
($270 value)
($150 value)
$54 ($90 value)FreeNA
  • Prices above do not include Webscorer service fee, which is charged at registration.
  • Series Registration includes a 10% discount if you register for all six MFG races at once. Series Registration on sale through September 9.
  • Junior pricing only applies to school age categories. Beginner pricing applies only to the Beginner Category.
  • Pre-registration prices end at 11:59pm the day before the race.
  • Look at all these notes. Are you still paying attention?
  • Racers will need a timing tube which can be purchased for $10. You buy it and it’s yours, forever. We use the same tubes that are used at most local races including CXR, Weds Night Worlds, etc, so you probably already have one.
  • Second Races – want to do a second race? You’ll need a second timing tube and a second bib. Come to registration to register for your second race and get the discount–you won’t be able to get the discount registering yourself. [Yeah, it’s complicated.]
  • Registration pays for rider insurance, medical personnel, park rental fees, RFID timing, online registration/results and website, fake moustaches, sparkly tights, race numbers, toilets and our wonderful staff and crew!


All categories are self-seeding. We’ve done our best to create categories so that everyone has people to compete with (…or not if you are just out there for fun). Choose the category where you have people to chase and folks to chase you. No sandbagging!

Anyone who can ride a bike can race cyclocross. Don’t be intimidated by the whole category thing. Sign up for Beginner if you are just getting started.

We have women, men, & non-binary options when you register. Racers are encouraged to race in the category in the gender that you identify with.

We split categories into age bands, so that those of advanced age don’t get whooped by the youngsters. Racing age is the age you are on December 31, 2022.

Cat 1/2Pros, aspiring pros, local badasses, genetic anomalies. These folks are seriously fast, but they don’t take it too seriously.
Cat 3Experienced racers who still take hand-ups.
Cat 4Pace is slower than Cat 3 but these folks probably have more fun.
Single SpeedSilly folks riding bikes with only one gear.
BeginnerNever raced cyclocross before? Check out the beginner category
ClydesdaleCyclists who are 200 pounds or more.
JuniorsWe have 4 categories based on the kid’s school grade: high school (9-12th grade), middle school (6th-8th grade), 3rd-5th grade and 1st & 2nd grade. Faster, more experienced juniors are welcome to race in any other category where they’ll find the right competition.
U6 WhippersnappersThese tiny folks are our next pros. U6 Kids Race will be started in waves of Push, Coaster Brake and Hand Brake bikes. Course will be a separate, kid-specific course. Race is free of charge, but waiver must be signed at registration.

Start Times and race Day Schedule

Hey, never done cyclocross? It’s pretty easy. Pick a category below. Show up to the start ten minutes before your race. There are several start waves at each start time.

Each race has a target duration in minutes. After the leaders finish their first lap, we approximate how many laps are needed so that the leaders finish in that time. Look for the lap counter at the finish line as we count down the laps remaining in your race. When the leader comes through the finish with one lap to go, that’s the bell lap, which means we will be ringing bells for you.

Start Times for Races #2 – #6

Start TimeCategoriesRace Duration
9:30 AMCat 4 Men 40+
Cat 4 Men 50+
Cat 4 Men 60+
30 minutes
10:15 AMCat 4 Men
Beginner Men
Clydesdale Men
30 minutes
11:00 AMCat 3 women
Cat 4 women
Cat 3/4 women 40+
Cat 3/4 women 50+
45 minutes
12:00 PMCat 3 men 40+
Cat 3 men 50+
Cat 1/2 women 40+
Cat 3 men 60+
45 minutes
1:00 PMHigh School Boy/Girl
Beginner Women
Middle School Boy/Girl
3rd-5th Grade Boy/Girl
1st-2nd Grade Boy/Girl
30 minutes
30 minutes
30 minutes
20 minutes
20 minutes
1:35 PMU6 Whippersnappers10 minutes
1:45 PMCat 3 Men
Single Speed Men
Single Speed Women
45 minutes
2:45 PMOpen Men
Cat 1/2 Men 40+
Cat 1/2 Men 50+
Open Women
60 minutes

Podiums, Season Competition & Team competition

Results can be found on Webscorer immediately after your race.

Race Day Podiums

You rocked your race and landed in the top three. We’re going to give you a chance to step up on the podium and share a great podium pic to Instagram.

Podiums will happen 15 minutes after each race ends. Come to the finish line and find the big MFG banner. Be prompt–we won’t wait.

Look at these sweet podium buttons. Land on the podium and you get one.

Season Competition

We will award the top three racers in every racing wave & category at our end of season party, where these tough folks get to stand on the podium, take a picture with their hands in the air and gain bragging rights. They’ll get some sweet schwag also.

Points are awarded 20 finishers deep, with the following schedule: 40, 36, 33, 30, 27, 25, 23, 21, 19, 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

Season points totals include the best 5 races. In case of a tie on total points, the tie will be broken in favor of the rider who has: the most first place finishes or, if still tied, the most second place finishes, etc., or if still tied; the highest placing in the last race in which the tied racers both competed. If that doesn’t work we’ll settle it with rock, paper, scissors.

Team competition

At our end of season party, we will award the top three teams based on their season performance. The top ten points results of the ten best racer finishes at each race are aggregated to calculate the team points for that race. Team points are aggregated across all races during the season. To be considered as part of a team, racers need to fill in the Team Name in Webscorer during registration.

A Bunch of Other Info for those who want more details

  • Bikes: You can ride just about any bike. We don’t care. Just leave the motor at home, unless it’s a Lime Bike of course. Most people ride cyclocross or gravel bikes with 700x33mm tires or larger. Mountain bikes are totally fine. Beach cruiser? sure…
  • Sanctioning: Our series is not USA Cycling sanctioned. No license necessary!
  • Helmets: Wear a helmet.
  • Doping: We don’t check but you are an idiot if you are doping or using some illegal substance to help you go faster. These races are for fun and healthy exercise. We’ll ban you from our races if you are caught doping elsewhere.
  • Pre-riding: We encourage you to pre-ride the course! Between every start wave, we’ve left 15 minutes for us to get ready for the next race and for you to pre-ride. Please respect people on the course ahead of you finishing their race! Don’t pass them. And when we tell you to clear the course, clear out.
  • Bibs & Chips: We aren’t talking Doritos, we are talking about timing tubes. Attach that odd snorkely-looking thing to your helmet. We’ll provide rubber bands and zip ties. Most people just attach it for the whole season. Bibs are the number you get. Use this for the season. Pin this to your left side back. Always the left.
  • Timing: Each race wave is a mass start, meaning the gun goes off and the time starts for everyone in that wave. You will get lap times for every lap and for your full race.
  • Results: Results are available on Webscorer and are posted almost immediately after you cross the finish. Yes. It’s like magic. Download the Webscorer app for the easiest access.
  • Contested Results: If you believe the results on Webscorer are incorrect please report to the start/finish line within one hour of the completion of your race and fill out a Results Review form.
  • Start Order & Call Ups: The first race of the season, we randomly call people up to the start line based on the last digit of your bib number. For races #2-6, we will call up the top 16 racers based on series points to fill the first two start rows. Then will randomly call up based on bib numbers.
  • Neutral support & pits: Every race will have pits which you’ll pass twice on each lap. You can keep a spare bike, spare wheels or your mom here. If you have an issue with your bike, you can only progress forward to the pits (no running upstream). People can help you get your bike working again in the pits or anywhere on the course if you have a problem.
  • Hand-ups: Hand ups are a tradition in cyclocross. Feel free to have some candy, or a shot of lemonaid from spectators mocking you.
  • Teams & Tents: Teams are welcome to set up tents along the course where designated. The fire marshall at some of our venues wants to make sure that the tents are fireproofed (most new ones are), but please don’t cut off the fire proofing tag on your tent.
  • Race Ambassadors: We have friendly folks who can help you out if you have any questions. Treat them nicely.

Learn more about our venues.

Looking to sharpen your skills? Check out our Skills & Drills clinics.