Help at Your First Race

Never done a cyclocross race before? Or maybe it’s been a few years and you need some tips!

We have a program this season to help people new to cyclocross get started at their first race.

Anyone can do a cyclocross race. You don’t need to be a pro athlete. You don’t need a fancy bike. You don’t need fancy riding clothes. You don’t need to be on a team. You just need desire and a bike that you can ride on dirt/grass.

Here is what we are offering at each race this season for beginner racers (or anyone that wants to join us during these times):

  • Beginner’s Race Ambassadors. We have experienced cyclocross racers available to answer any questions you have. Women/Non-binary/Femme are separated from Men.
  • Course Preview & Questions. We will meet you 60-90 minutes before your race and ride a preview lap of the course. We’ll answer questions you have about racing, about the course and practice the more challenging sections of the course.
  • Staging help. Staging for each race happens 10-15 minutes before the start. We will be there during the staging for the Beginners categories to calm your nerves and answer any last minute questions you have.
  • Post-Race Debrief. We’ll gather after the race to chat.

Here is the schedule for the remainder of the season (MFG races #2-6)

Beginner Women, Non-binary, Trans, & Femme

  • 11:40 Meet at the Start/Finish for questions & course pre-ride
  • 12:45 Meet at the Start for staging and pre-race questions
  • 1:30 Gather after the race for de-brief & questions

Beginner Men

  • 9:10 Meet at the Start/Finish for questions & course pre-ride
  • 10:00 Meet at the Start for staging and pre-race questions
  • 10:45 Gather after the race for de-brief & questions

Thanks to the Breakfast Racing Team for providing Beginner’s Ambassadors for the Women/Non-binary/Trans/Femme categories!

Our Ambassadors

Adrienne Banks

Adrienne Banks (she/her or they/them pronouns) started racing cyclocross and XC mtb in 2022 after joining Breakfast Racing Team. Adrienne is now one of the cyclocross squad leads for Breakfast.

Ella Dorband

Ella Dorband (she/her or they/them pronouns) is a co-captain for Breakfast Racing Team and races CX, XC, and track. Their first ever bike race was MFG’s Marymoor in 2016. 

Leah Missick

Leah Missik (she/her pronouns) started racing CX last year after joining Breakfast Racing Team. She also dabbles in other disciplines, loves long rides, and runs a lot.

Claire Law

Claire Law (she/her) is a gravel squad lead with Breakfast Racing Team. Her first ever bike race was MFG’s Magnusson Park in 2018, and she now races Road, Cross, Gravel, and Track.

Bry Osmonson

Bry Osmonson has been racing ‘cross for three seasons but dabbled at the Magnuson Park race a couple times before committing to the discipline. She’s been happily pedaling with Breakfast Racing Team since 2021, competing also in cross country MTB events and even trying some road events. Her favorite breakfast food is waffles but she’ll settle for Taco Bell. 

Chris Rodde

Chris Rodde (he/him) is a co-founder of Off Camber Productions which now owns MFG Cyclocross. Chris started racing mountain bikes in the 90s and loves riding and racing bikes in the dirt.

Reeve Geary

Reeve Geary (he/him) has been involved in NW cyclocross since the early 1990’s. Although he’s never been fast, he doesn’t let it get in the way of having a blast racing his bike. He’s been a part of numerous developmental cycling programs, and always finds a way to make fun of his blazing fast son in the Cat 1 field.