Cyclocross is for Kids

Looking for some fun for your kid on the weekend? Cyclocross racing is the most fun your kid will have on a bike, with very little commitment to get started.

Come check out one of our races–we have races for kids of all ages from tots on push bikes to kids in high school. And there is a whole community of folks involved in kids cycling it you want to get further involved.

Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

  • Cyclocross for kids – what’s it all about.
  • What equipment will we need?
  • Racing categories and programs at MFG races
  • Joining a kids cycling team

Racing Cyclocross for Kids

Cyclocross might be one of the best kid’s sports going. Our kids races are a place for kids to build confidence, get some exercise and have a blast on a bike. They learn how to overcome barriers, how to win, how to lose, how to get heckled and how to clean a muddy bike. (…and who knows, you might be tempted to try cyclocross racing yourself 😍)

What equipment does my kid need?

All your kid needs is a bike and a helmet. Really any bike will do. It helps if the bike has knobby tires to get traction in the dirt and mud, which your daughter will often encounter on our courses. (If your kid doesn’t have a bike, let us know, we can find one for you…)

Your son won’t need fancy riding clothes or clip-in pedals. Jeans and street shoes work just fine. Need a bike? You might be able to find one to rent on Spokeo, a Seattle bike share. Or buy one at Cassette Club.

Kids Programs

We have categories to serve kids of all ages and abilities. And we have a program for kids who might be hesitant because it’s their first race (or fifth…).

Here are the kids categories at MFG races:

High School Boy/Girl
Middle School Boy/Girl
3rd-5th Grade Boy/Girl
1st-2nd Grade Boy/Girl
School age kids race in categories separated by their grade level on the full-length course set for the day. Kids race in the same race wave, but do a different number of laps based on their age, older kids going further, younger kids going shorter. Kids races start at 1pm and are $25 pre-reg, and $30 day-of. See the schedule here for times.
Under 6 – U6 WhippersnappersKids under 6 race in our U6 Whippersnapper race. This is a separate, dedicated course that any kid on a push bike, tricycle or regular bike can ride. This “race” is really about the fun (we downplay the competition) and we hand out treats afterward. The Whippersnapper race is free. Schedule here
Kids Preview LapFor school age kids who have some hesitations about racing, we offer a guided preview lap. This preview lap is a chance to ride the course and ask questions, to cool nerves. Meet at the finish. More info & times are here.

You can find a lot more info on our Series Info page about start times.

Kids Teams

Joining a kids cycling team is a great way to introduce your daughter or son to the world of cycling, meet friends and get some great exercise. There are several cycling teams in the PNW with a focus on kids. Here are the kids cycling teams in and around Seattle:

NWCX Project
Instagram: @nwcxproject
Facebook: NWCX Project

Contact: Jessica Cutler
Junior and U23 racing for the next generation of women and transgender/NB youth in the Pacific Northwest.
Instagram: @teamboogerfanpage

Contact: Steve Westover
Team Booger is built to create good humans. We use cycling as a catalyst to teach kids to give back to our communities and support charities that we care about. All while giving kids from diverse backgrounds and experiences the opportunity to achieve their goals in cycling.