TIme to Party

The MFG Awards Celebration is right around the corner! Join us on November 22 for a night to celebrate the MFG season and all of the awesome folks who have pitched in to help us relaunch MFG. Oh… and of course, we’ll have podium presentations for our season winners in the adult categories, including our team points competition.

Junior season podiums will be held following the junior races at MFG #6 – Woodland Park.

Here are the details:

  • Tuesday, November 22, 5:30-8:30pm
  • Pickering Barn, in Issaquah.  Location here
  • Dinner for $15 per person please pay in advance on Webscorer by 11/20. This way, we know how much food to order… no one wants leftovers.
  • Kids under 10 eat for free.
  • Drinks provided

Seattle Parks Charges for Logos

Hey MFG Fans,

Seattle Parks has a policy to charge for any corporate logos displayed during a permitted event (like a cyclocross race) at a Seattle Park. This applies to MFG and our logos as well as anyone at our event.

So, if you have a team tent with a corporate logo, like Taco Time or Recycled Cycles and you plan to attend either the Magnuson Park race this weekend or Woodland Park on Nov 20, you either need to pay the fee (contact us and we’ll arrange payment to the city) or cover up your logo.

Yes, we agree this feels like extortion. Please feel free to write the City of Seattle and/or the Seattle Parks Department to voice your complaint. You might dig up some contact info here: Contact Us – Parks |

See the fee structure below.

MFG#1 StarCrossed marymoor Timing & Results Update

Hey MFG Fans!

At MFG#1 StarCrossed Marymoor we had some challenges getting results out in a timely and accurate manner.  These issues were a very unpleasant surprise for us after 17 successful races this season. 

What happened?  The RFID timing had problems in both hardware and software that led to missed lap reading.  Missed lap reading led to bad race placings, incorrect lap counts, and fake DNSs/DNFs.  Basically, every possible timing issue that keeps a race promotor’s life interesting.

How about next time?  We now understand how to prevent and detect these things.  We have and will continue to use a video backup system.  This is what enabled us to clean up our StarCrossed results.  That video review is time intensive – hence the delay.  The sharp eyed and/or accountants out there will notice that lap times/ranks may seem off.  That is an outcome the fix process and can’t be avoided, but we believe most of the overall results are accurate.

And are the results final?  Well, as of Tuesday 9/20, results are final. The race results have been fixed and reviewed multiple times. Thank you to everyone who helped by submitting a results review form and by sending us email. Your input was very helpful in getting this right.

Did you land on the podium, but not get to stand on the podium and receive your podium pin? Come to any of the podium presentations and let us know! We’ll give you a chance to take a podium pic and don you our fancy podium pins.

Maybe there are a few incorrect results still lurking… If you see anything that looks incorrect, let us know (

You can find results here.

Finally, thanks for the patience and kind help as we worked to repair these issues and prevent future ones.

Beginner Women, Trans, Femme, and Non-binary racers – We have Ambassadors for You

We are pleased to share that Adrienne Banks and Ella Dorband from Breakfast Racing Team will be race ambassadors for StarCrossed for Beginner Women, Trans, Femme, and Non-binary racers!

Adrienne and Ella will be at Women’s Beginner staging pre-race (around 2:35) to help with any last-minute questions or issues you might have. Post-race, they will lead a debrief for those who are interested. The post-race debriefing location will be shared at staging. 

Breakfast Racing Team will be doing a course preview lap for women, trans, femme, and non-binary racers from the start line at 2:15 – look for their distinctive kit and get the beta!

MFG will have some changing tents for all racers to use near the registration tents.  No need to change in your car this season!

About Adrienne and Ella

Adrienne Banks (she/her or they/them pronouns) started racing cyclocross and XC mtb in 2022 after joining Breakfast Racing Team. Adrienne is now one of the cyclocross squad leads for Breakfast.

Ella Dorband is a co-captain for Breakfast Racing Team and races CX, XC, and track. Their first ever bike race was MFG’s Marymoor in 2016.